I’m Rick Carter and have been in business from a lemonade stand so long ago to helping build a nuclear power plant as well as sales and design and even in the medical field. I always had a side business along with my career as suggested by my grandfather. I now wonder about the value of that wisdom. Nevertheless, I did always have something to fall back on generally, until recently however.

I always worked at being honest and fair in all my dealings, however I neglected my health unbeknown to myself ( accepting too much mis-information ) over the years!

Business is only a part of one’s life and truly a small part. For me the order should have been God / Jesus ( my higher power), my wife, children and then the rest does take care of itself including being healthy! Simply, if you lose your health be it mental, spiritual and or physical then making money is or can become IMPOSSIBLE!

I know of what I speak having had 5 MI’s and 5 strokes along with several cancers . Then in 2005 discovering I had heavy metals poisoning (cadmium as primary) since 1980 from a company I worked for. Then most recently I had a colon resection I survived by the grace of God. In truth it seems that the majority of my ‘illnesses’ actually were most likely caused by the heavy metals … yes the majority of all of them! So, why am I still here?

Perhaps faith is foremost in all the above! We all need someone that knows there’s only two basic choices – one right and one wrong! So everyone needs a Higher Power that knows the truth … to support us and for us to make it through!

My belief and hope is that the majority of you are ready to wake up and look outside yourself and extend a hand. My generation of the 60′s and 70′s wanted to do the ‘RIGHT’ thing in every aspect of our lives.

We fell short of that with our careers, and questionable choices usually regarding money or power or another self serving attitude, but we’d fix it later! It’s later and we didn’t ! We missed or forgot too many words of wisdom we said we wouldn’t let go of and … here we are! An old catchphrase from a Laurel and Hardy movie says it pretty well; “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!” Notice the blaming of the other…? We need to start taking responsibility now! With each of you asking for your Higher Power’s grace I believe we can fix it!

My hope & prayer here is in the next 18 -20 months to have you watch me work to generate a million dollars! Kind of like a reality website of sorts that you can follow along with and find that one or more passions of yours, that can make a million being honest, fair while putting God (your higher power) first! Let’s GO!

PS: The million could be in gross sales, profits or whatever … and not necessarily in dollars. Mine will be in dollars and if I can do 5% profit on a million in gross sales it’ll help my medical greatly! $50,000 would help you too-yes?

PSS: My main purpose of all this is to fund ‘Connie’s Kidz.org’. In brief it’s in honor of my wife Connie and our desire to help children in any way and any place because that was what Jesus wanted! Thanks!


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